Simply put... It's really good for your garden!

agrimagic compost organic


Turning manure, ramial wood chip & straw into a life-enriching soil additive

agrimagic compost bio availablity


Doubles nutrient absorption & enhances crop quality

agrimagic compost versatility


Apply to roots, soil, create a tea for leaves, or innoculate your own compost

Soil additive with beneficial bacteria & fungi. Improving soil structure & health.

agrimagic compost water absorbtion


Enhanced soil aggregate improves water absorption, helping to tackle extreme weather cycles

agrimagic compost immunity


Make a tea and pour over leaves to create a layer of protection for your plants

agrimagic compost mycorrhizae network


Introduces a mycorrhizal network, enabling symbiotic communication to alert plants of bacterial threats

But why trust us and our product?

agrimagic compost

Expert Soil Biology Analysis

Our dedication to your soil's well-being starts with a meticulous analysis by our Soil Food Web Technician. Ensuring our compost is rich in friendly biology, we can provide a solid foundation for a thriving ecosystem

agrimagic compost

Restoring Vitality to Your Soil

By reintroducing essential microbes & nutrients, our product enhances the health of your garden. Whether you're growing vegetables or providing nutrient-rich grass for your pets, the benefits extend to the entire ecosystem

agrimagic compost

A Sustainable Step Against Climate Change

Unlike artificial fertilizers, our product fosters life beneath your feet. The thriving microbial community not only contributes to healthier plants but also aids in removing CO2 from the atmosphere

Who can use Agrimagic ?

This unique soil additive caters to the needs of the average gardener, allotment enthusiasts, and farmers alike. With a focus on promoting healthy plant growth and bolstering resistance to environmental challenges, Agrimagic stands out as the go-to choice for cultivating thriving gardens and bountiful crops.

average gardening beginner house plants home garden agrimagic compost

Home Gardener

Transform your garden with as little as our 1kg pouches. Whether nurturing outdoor planters or repotting indoor plants, experience blooming plants and safeguard them from bacterial threats.

allotment gardener compost agrimagic

Allotment Gardener

Packaged in  15kg or 25kg bags, enjoy nutrient-rich produce for healthier meals & reinforce your veggies against tough weather

compost for farmers artificial fertilizer alternative agrimagic


Available in lorry loads, Agrimagic empowers farmers to fortify their fields. Enhance crop immunity, reduce farming uncertainties, and contribute to building nutrient-rich soil. Say goodbye to the hefty cost of artificial fertilizers and embrace a sustainable approach to farming 

agrimagic paper bag mockup transparent background

Shop here..

We offer 2 convenient sizes, 15kg bag or bulk bag!

About us

the friendly farmer TFF embroidered matching farmer gilet
the friendly farmer quality country fleece gilet embroidered adult TFF

We're not your typical corporation; we're a family-run farm passionate about nurturing soil and bountiful harvests. Our roots lie in hands-on farming experience, translating into a product we wholeheartedly believe in.

As farmers who own fields and grow crops, we intimately grasp the value of good soil and thriving harvests. Our blend of science and empathy comes from real-world experiences, sparing you the need for extensive research.

Trust Agrimagic because we're not just selling a product; we're sharing our journey as farmers dedicated to a greener, healthier future — naturally.

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