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Rural services


We offer a variety of contracting services and can help you find a solution!

With our experienced team and fleet of specialised machinery we offer a range of different services. So, whether it’s flailing, topping and harrowing paddocks or excavating, earthmoving and digging out a new drive, we’ve got you covered! 

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The Friendly Farmers own and run a Krone Multibale HS baler producing hay, haylage and straw bales from 1.2m x 1.2m x0.7m up to 2.4M long

Large Square Bales

Dense oblong bales from 250-500Kg 70cm x 120cm x 240cm in size

Multi Bales

These can be produced within the Big Square Bales, whilst still in the field by adding string to segments of the 2.4 m long bale creating up to 8 smaller strung bales. This allows easier handling of the bales once opened, without the bale deteriorating structurally and leaving loose all over the yard. 

Round Bales

4-5″ bales available, please enquire for more information

Conventional Square Bales

With conventional baling, we are able to package a variety of crops. They are produced in multiples of 21, in a pack that can be picked up by a tractor with the correct front end attachment.


Using the Mchale 998 super speed wrapper, this is a further service we can offer should you wish to wrap your grass bale to create haylage of silage. To reduce any spoilage of the silage or haylage, both our square and round bales are wrapped quickly and efficiently with our trailed machines!

Rural services

Dung Collection, Clearance & Spreading

A traditional process and one The Friendly Farmers highly recommended is our muck spreading service. Our machines spread over 24m in one go, and can help to maintain the quality of your soil whilst adding nutrients to the grassland. 

By using muck as an alternative to fertiliser, we can protect and help the natural biology of the soil and the fungal network underground that supports plant growth. This process is something The Friendly Farmers feel very strongly about and continue to advocate for.

As well as providing manure for your land we are also able to collect any excess waste and currently do so with local companies and wildlife conservations.

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Healthy soil will sequester carbon: A strong, healthy plant in soil with a high organic matter level will draw the suns energy, carbon and gases from the atmosphere and through photosynthesis. It will send these down through its roots and on through the mycorrhizal fungal network which will secrete the carbon to the millions of microbes alive living healthy soil. In exchange, the microbes will return nutrients in an absorbable form to the plant producing growth. What an amazing natural cycle.

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Rural Services

Excavation & Earth Moving

As part of our fleet, we have two 360 JCB Diggers that allows us to offer a  variety of services and solutions to help keep your estate in order!

Bulk Excavation & Earth Moving

This involves the removal of off-site spoil and disposal of excavated material including concrete. We are also able to supply crushed concrete to create a base for tracks and yards etc in bulk where necessary.

Vegetation Clearance

Using our flails, toppers and grabs, we offer a quick and easy solution for the clearance of weeds, grass, bushes and wood prunings. Additionally, having the correct machinery to pull out unwanted trees.


Our groundworks services offer clearance of rough areas and the creation of tracks, banks, ponds, driveways and ditches.

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